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Product Name: Bluetooth wireless module / bluetooth Bee HC-05 integrated slave master module for arduino

Bluetooth Bee Bluetooth wireless module using XBEE design, small compact size, compatible with XBEE expansion base, suitable for all kinds of 3.3V single-chip system, the module can use the AT command set master-slave mode, baud rate, matching the password, the user information, default baud rate: 38400, default slave mode, the pairing 1234.

? Module using a 3.3V supply.
? Never use more than 3.3V power supply, which may destroy the module
? Modify the baud rate in force after module restart
? The Bluetooth pairing Username: HC-05 password is 1234

? Default Baud Rate: 38400

With recommendations:
1.Bee Adapter, Bluetooth Bee and facilitate the exchange of data link PC
2.Sensor Shield, for insertion Bluetooth Bee to the Aduino, for arduino easy to control Bluetooth data
3 Bluetooth adapter and Bluetooth Bee for devices such as Bluetooth pairing from use.
Comes efficient onboard antenna, antenna exposed transmit the signal quality is better farther, transparent serial port can be used with various Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth phone paired. User-friendly design to facilitate the secondary development.
The module has been tested to work with the market all the paired Bluetooth adapter (included with the Bluetooth laptops and mobile phones)
This Bluetooth module supports master and slave mode, the user can set a lot of detailed parameters through AT commands. Use more liberal than the individual slave mode flexible and can be adapted to the special needs of more users. General and PC, PDA and other Bluetooth devices can be paired to slave mode.