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Product Name: 5V 4 relay with optocoupler protection red for arduino

When using the Aduino to do interactive projects, many large current or high voltage devices usually can not directly use for Arduino to control digital IO ports
(Such as solenoid valves, lights, motors, etc.), then you can consider the solution to the relay.
For Arduino Relay Shield is the use of high-quality music song relays, provides 4 inputs and outputs can be connected up to 250V / 10A AC equipment
Or 24V / 10A DC devices, so can be used to control lights, motors and other equipment.
The modular design makes it easy to connect for Arduino expansion boards. Relay output state by a light-emitting diode, said to facilitate practical use.


The control signal: TTL level

Rated load:
Rated through current: 10A (NO) 5A (NC)
Maximum switching voltage: 250VAC 30VDC
Contact action time: 10ms or less
Module pin definitions:
1.1 foot -4 foot - control side,
2 power supply (VCC)
3 ground (GND)