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Product Name: DS3234 ultra high precision real-time clock module for ARDUINO, clock module power down travel time.

The DS3234 is a low cost, real time clock ultra precision, using SPI bus (RTC), integrated temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and crystal. The built-in DS3234 after temperature compensation precision voltage reference and comparator circuit is used to monitor VCC. When VCC falls below the power fail voltage (VPF), to generate /RST output device; when the VCC fell to less than VPF and VBAT at the same time, the device will prohibit the read / write access. Device for monitoring the /RST pin, can be used as input to generate a P reset button. When the main power supply device is interrupted, the device is switched to the standby power input to maintain accurate timing. Crystal resonator integrated enhanced the long-term accuracy of the device and reduces the number of parts production line. DS3234 provides commercial and industrial temperature range, and the use of industry standard 300mil, 20 pin SO package.
DS3234 also integrates with battery backup 256 byte SRAM. When the mains power, through the power supply is connected to the VBAT pin, memory contents to be maintained. RTC can count the seconds, hours, week, date, month and year information. For less than 31 days, the device can automatically adjust the date at the end of the month, at the same time with a leap year correction function. The clock can work in 24 hours or 12 hour format with /AM/PM indication. The device provides every two programmable timer clock and a road programmable square wave output. The address and data through the SPI bidirectional bus serial transmission.
In 0 degrees C to +40 degrees in the range of C, an accuracy of 2ppm
In the -40 degrees C to +85 degrees in the range of C, an accuracy of 3.5ppm
For uninterrupted time to provide battery backup input
Work temperature range
And industrial grade: -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C
Commercial grade: 0 degrees C to +70 degrees C
And low power consumption
And the real-time clock counting seconds, minutes, hours, days of the week, date, month and year with leap year compensation information, valid until 2099
And every day to provide two regular alarm clock
And programmable square wave output
4MHz SPI interface, supports modes 1 and 3
Digital temperature sensor output: accuracy of plus or minus 3 degree C
- aging correction register
/RST input / output
300mil, 20 pin SO package
The American Association of Underwriters Laboratories (UL R) certification