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Product Name: Fingerprint module/ the fingerprint identification module/ fingerprint lock/ optical fingerprint /development

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The usage is very simple: as long as there is a serial MCU, embedded can operate this module, MSP430, 51, AVR, PIC, STM32, ARM, FPGA, rduino, pcDuino controller can operate this module. This module through the serial port control, you can also use the computer serial port to control the module.
Products by the optical fingerprint sensor, high-speed DSP processor, high performance of fingerprint matching algorithm, large capacity FLASH chips and other hardware components. Various functions of the fingerprint module and stable performance, perfect function, both fingerprint acquisition, fingerprint registration, fingerprints, fingerprint search.
Application: widely used for the fingerprint module, from high-end to low-end all fingerprint identification system. For example:
 A:   The fingerprint door locks, safes, gun boxes, financial safety area;
 B:  The access control systems, industrial control machine, POS machine,           driver   training, attendance and other identity field;
 C:  The private clubs, management software, license management.
Specifications and parameters:
  • The power supply voltage:  DC 3.6~6.0V

  • The supply current: working current:   <120mA       peak current:     <140mA

  • The fingerprint image entry time:      < 1 seconds

  • The window area:    14 * 18 mm

  • The characteristics of the file:    256 bytes

  • The template file:    512 bytes

  • The storage capacity:    1000

  • The false acceptance rate (FAR):   < 0.001% (safety grade 3)

  • The FRR (FRR):     < 1% (safety grade 3)

  • The search time:    < 1 seconds (1:500, mean)

  • The host computer interface:    UART (TTL logic level)

  • The communication baud rate (UART):    (9600 x N) BPS where N=1 ~ 12 (the default  value of N=6, or 57600bps)

  • The working environment: temperature:    -20 degrees to +50 degrees                                                                         Relative humidity:      40%RH to 85%RH (no gel)

  • The storage environment:   temperature: -40 degrees to +85 degrees                                                                           Relative humidity:    < 85%H (no gel)

  • The size (L * W * H):    55 x 21 x 21.5mm

Packaging Details

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
0.100kg (0.22lb.)
Package Size:
12cm x 8cm x 6cm (4.72in x 3.15in x 2.36in)