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Product Name: L298N V2 module / DC stepper motor driver module / Integrated DC-DC / output 5V

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L298N is a dedicated driver ICs, are H-bridge IC, the difference with the L293D is the output current increases, the power boost. The output current of 2A, the maximum current is 4A, the maximum operating voltage of 50V, can drive inductive loads, such as high-power DC motors, stepper motors, geared motors, servo motors, solenoid valves, etc., especially its input can be directly compared with the microcontroller Union, thus easily controlled by the microcontroller. When driving DC motors, stepper motors can be controlled directly, and can achieve motor forward and reverse, to achieve this functionality simply by changing the input logic levels.

The drive module can drive two DC motors, a two-phase four-wire, or (a four-phase five-wire stepper motor), while Integrated LM2596. High efficiency (up to 92%) using DC TO DC mode. 5V output can easily reach the current 2A. Smart car control is preferred. 5V microcontroller outputs can control panels, steering gear, routers, and other devices powered! And also supports 2-way DC motor drive control, 4-phase stepper motor control. Very simple to very good! With a small, convenient control features. With this module will give your motor control with ease, you can respond to the needs of high-power stepper motor problem.

Product description:

1 The L298N driver module, using ST's L298N chip original new company, SMT technology with high stability, high quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the circuit stability. Can directly drive two 3-35V DC and provides a 5V output interface (enter as little as 6V), can give 5V microcontroller circuit system power (low ripple factor), support 3.3V MCU ARM control, you can easily control the DC motor speed and direction can be controlled two-phase stepper motor, 5-wire 4-phase stepper motor. Smart car is an essential tool.

Product parameters:

2 .driver chips:. L298N dual H-bridge DC motor driver chip

3.driving portion of the terminal supply area Vs: +5 V ~ +30 V; such as the need to take power within the board, the supply area Vs: +6 V ~ +30 V

4. drive section peak current Io: 2A

5. logical part of the operating current range:. 0 ~ 36mA

6 .control signal input voltage range (IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4):

Low level:   -0.3V ≤ Vin ≤ 1.5V

High:   2.3V ≤ Vin ≤ Vss

7 .enable signal input voltage range (ENA ENB):

Low level: -0.3 ≤ Vin ≤ 1.5V (control signal is invalid)

High: 2.3V ≤ Vin ≤ Vss (control signal active)

8 .Maximum power consumption:. 20W (when the temperature T = 75

9 .Storage temperature:. -25 ~ +130

10 .Driver Board Size:. 55mm * 45mm * 33mm (with fixed copper pillar and the heat sink height)

11. other extensions: control the direction indicator, take electrical interface within the logic portion of the plate.