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Product Name: 3D printer 6 * 20 Die single / heating pipe /heating rod / single-ended 24V40w

Size: 6 * 20 Lead length 1m

Voltage: 24V

Power: 40W

Material: Stainless steel (304)

Heating pipe Features: fast heating, temperature ≤ 450

Usage: plastic mold, C02 pressure mounted assembly, cigarette machines, fast sealing machine, pharmaceutical machinery.

Instructions for use:

1 single-ended portion of the heat pipe heat must be kept efficient drying techniques make use of imported nickel-chromium wire internal use 2080 outside of the pipe to ensure the best real materials in order to achieve maximum service life.

2 single-ended electric heating pipe joints should be placed outside of the insulation layer and the heating chamber, shall not exceed the rated working voltage is worth 10% of the shell should be effectively grounded.

3 heating elements working environment temperature less than 95% non-explosive, corrosive gases.

4 heating elements should be stored in a dry place, not damp.