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Product Name: 3D Printer-Ultimaker1.57 control board supports dual print compatible RAMPS1.57


  This product is an Aduino MEGA as Ultimaker UltiStepper drive is compatible with Pololu stepper driver boards of a board. It is very similar to other electronic Pololu based implementation, including RAMPS, and it can support up to five stepper motors ( three for the X, Y, Z, a function of one of the other extruder ) . You can add as much as you need stepper drive carriers. It is designed to run at a higher voltage than 12 volts, which allows you to put a 90 -watt MOSFET and run your stepper motor with more torque and higher top speed. It has a head , increasing the SD card module , IDC head added LCD panel ( movie ), PWM output power LED arrays and other lighting and serial I / O , Bluetooth and Ethernet add-ons .
Note : Connect Jumper ( nearly VR tube 7812TV), Aduino MEGA Ultimaker control panel will also have the power.
   Simple 4-way JST connector plug for all motors .
   Stepper motor control up to five ( three X, Y, and Z -axis extruder ( the "E -axis " ) , optionally can be added by adding a second shaft Pololu stepper drive.
   Step will be configured via jumpers .
   3 times 55 amps output MOSFET (with LED indicator. Actual current limited capacity PCB and connector )
   All leads are breaking the maximum scalability from 15V to 19V.
   Thermocouple input , or thermistor input. 100K thermistor recommendations.
   Power on / switch documented board.
   Thermocouple wiring easier .
  ( Normally open ) fan-cooled electronic device includes a 12V regulator.
   Now LCD backlight dimming can be controlled by software .