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Product Name: UNO R3 MEGA328P ATMEGA16U2 for Arduino Compatible

UNO R3 2012 launched an easy to use open-source controller hardware and Arduino UNO and no major changes, the biggest difference is that USB to serial part of the circuit switch is a ATMega16U2 microcontroller, whichthe cost increase, the software part of the same as before, no major changes.
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UNO R32012launchedan easy to useopen-sourcecontrollerhardwareandArduino UNOandno major changes, the biggestdifference is thatUSB toserialpart of the circuitswitchisaATMega16U2microcontroller, whichthe costincrease,thesoftwarepart ofthe same as before,no major changes.


PinchangesplustwoI2Cpins(SDAandSCL:nexttotheAREFpin,the Analog4and 5copy,nottheadditionalI2C interface),addedtwo pins,theRESETnextoneisIOREF,, allowingtheexpansion boardto adapt toon-boardvoltage,thispinisjust toldtoexpandtheboard'scurrenton-boardvoltage(such asUNO is5V,thepower supplypincan be seen ascopy,does not providethelevelpull-up), and the otherisafterinactiveplaceholderpins.

(2)more stableRESET circuit.RESET keypositionhaschanged,bemovedclosetotheUSB interfaceboardcorner,more convenient topress.

3ATmega16U2to replacea8U2,this does not meana16K flashR3tomake yourcoderunfaster, thisupdatefor theUSB interface chip,in theory,it allowstheUNOcanemulate USBthe HID,such asthe MIDI/Joystick / Keyboard.