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Product Name: 0.96 inch bright high-definition IIC communication OLED module OLED display screen

OLED module of FreeCars Electronic Science and technology of the display area is 128X64 dot matrix, each point can emit light, so it is not that the backlight! Can display Chinese characters, English characters, patterns and so on, can be any one of 128*64 LED's operation! Looks very beautiful, very high contrast! And light weight, small volume, is you to fly think of Carle smart car competition of choice!

OLED module of FreeCars Electronic Science and technology of the display area is 128X64 dot matrix, each point can emit light, so it is not that the backlight! Can display Chinese characters, English characters, patterns and so on, can be any one of 128*64 LED's operation! Looks very beautiful, very high contrast! And light weight, small volume, is you to fly think of Carle smart car competition of choice!

The interface module is order:

GND-------------------- negative

VCC--------------------3 to 5V DC power supply

The SCL-------------------- signal line, connected to the MCU pin

The SAD-------------------- signal line, connected to the MCU pin

The RST-------------------- signal line, connected to the MCU pin

The D/C-------------------- signal line, connected to the MCU pin

Module features:

1,Does not require a backlight, display unit can be self luminous

2,High resolution: 128*64 (like LCD12864, but the sharp more intensive)

3,Viewing angle: > 160 ° (almost is a plane.)

4,Support: many control chip is fully compatible with fly think of Carle K series, cold fire, XS128, Arduino series, 51 series, AVR series, MSP430, STM32, CSR chips (a large number of routines for reference)

5,Ultra low power consumption: full screen lit 0.08W, normal full screen display Chinese characters 0.06W (far below TFT, LCD etc.)

6,Wide voltage support: without any modification, direct support for 3V ~ 5V DC

7,Operating temperature: -30 ℃ ~70 ℃

8,Module size (generous):27.0MM*27.0MM*4.1MM (slightly larger than the 1 yuan coin)

9,IO occupy less: the use of SPI communication, as long as the 4 IO port can drive

10,Driver: SSD1306

11,No font: modular software word, display what what, easily point out!