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Product Name: Raspberry pie Raspberry PI GPIO adapter plate

Raspberry pie special GPIO adapter, 3.3V/5V power supply, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of bread plate spacing of 2.54mm / hole plate, the second generation of raspberry pie GPIO adapter plate, compared with before the foundation, increased the LED display circuit, used for displaying raspberry pie is inserted, if the power of short circuit, will promptly extinguished LED lamp prompt.

The adapter plate without user own plug welding, can be used.

The V3 system upgrade to the following components: housing support GPIO line output, increase of V3 bus interface. This product is V3 module directly can be inserted into the current large bread plate, pass to kill all the raspberry pie bread board experiment!

The product in kind shooting:

Taiwan Zhengling imported gold connectors for production!

The V3 pin definition and usage is as follows: