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Product Name: LM2596 DC-DC adjustable step-down module 4.5-30V input output 1.25-26V (BEA2)

The input ultra wide voltage input 4.5-30V output adjustable 1.25-26V (requires the input voltage is greater than the output voltage)

IN+ input IN- input cathode anode!

The OUT+ output OUT- output anode cathode!

Pay attention to input and output cannot be reversed. Reverse connection may burn!

Note: long time work is recommended for use on current within 2A, and coupled with heat sink (10W output);

Due to reducing module, in order to ensure the steady output, please keep the minimum 1.5V pressure difference.

Voltage regulation

Access to power, adjust the potentiometer knob (blue general clockwise rotating, counter clockwise pressure) and the multimeter is used to monitor the output voltage reaches the required voltage.

Connection mode

1 welding, the welding power line in the input (output) port;

2 welding pin, can be inserted into the pin by wire or inserted in hole plate; or add pin directly after welding in the PCB.

Application examples

1 vehicle power supply, only need to input the module is connected with a car lighter nozzle supply, can adjust the potentiometer, the output voltage can be adjusted in 1.25-26V arbitrary, for your mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PSP charging and many other equipment power supply, is very simple and convenient.

2 to the power electronic devices, when equipment requires 4.5-30V supply and the corresponding voltage power supply by hand, this module can be convenient to put the voltage to the desired voltage, solve the trouble.

A voltage of 3 testing system, a project can debug the working voltage range of various voltage test system using the module, very easy and convenient.

Input: 4.5V to 30V (DC input voltage to output voltage must be higher than 1.5V. Can't boost)

DC output: 1.25V to 26V


Dimensions: length * width * height 4.3cm*3.0cm*1.2cm, size is not as small as possible, considering the heat of large area, more conducive to heat!!!

Two tubes SS34 use 5A components, not the sesame big element, used friends all know

Clockwise adjustment onboard potentiometer output voltage increase, counterclockwise regulating potentiometer output decrease.

The double-sided wiring, large area of the bottom copper to ensure better heat radiation! Can be rated long-term work extended to 20W at the maximum output power of 2A, is also more convenient and larger output power radiator!