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Product Name: Bluetooth multifunctional car B based on the platform of Arduino 2014 with 1602 RT0006 display

1 introduction:

2014 new Bluetooth multifunctional car B 2013A upgraded version, the upgrade is part of the new display function 1602, running to trolley system make learners more intuitive.

Bluetooth multifunctional car a MCU learning application development system, is easy team carefully build 4 drive system, based on Arduino microcontroller atmega-328p as the core, to complete the line tracking, obstacle avoidance, remote control function, package, contains a lot of interesting programs, and the expansion of external circuit module, thereby increasing the car use function. In order to let the user from the boring theory knowledge in learning ARDUINO MCU, the ability to obtain single chip microcomputer system development in the play.

1 introduction:

2014 new Bluetooth multifunctional car B 2013A upgraded version, the upgrade is part of the new display function 1602, running to trolley system make learners more intuitive.

Bluetooth multifunctional car a MCU learning application development system, is easy team carefully build 4 drive system, based on Arduino microcontroller atmega-328p as the core, to complete the line tracking, obstacle avoidance, remote control function, package, contains a lot of interesting programs, and the expansion of external circuit module, thereby increasing the car use function. In order to let the user from the boring theory knowledge in learning ARDUINO MCU, the ability to obtain single chip microcomputer system development in the play.

2 parameters:

1 gear motor gear ratio 1:48, the drive voltage 6V.

2 motor control using L298N drive module, real isolation and MCU.

3 three groups of line tracking module, detection of black and white line, higher precision, but also can be used with anti drop control.

4 infrared remote control module, intelligent vehicle control system,

5 Bluetooth wireless communication module, wireless remote control distance,

6 is equipped with the economic environment of rechargeable batteries and chargers, car power free.

7 1602I2C display, improve the primary interface.

The car length 23cm, width 12cm, the voltage can access the external 7~12V. And can carry a variety of sensor module, according to your imagination to achieve various functions.