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Product Name: Ultrasonic ranging car intelligent car kit based on Arduino ultrasonic 3 generation intelligent vehicle

The third generation of ultrasonic smart car

A new remote ultrasonic intelligent vehicle, is the 2 generation of ultrasonic smart car upgrade edition, major upgrade parts:

Change the 1 car chassis, reserved the function of speed measurement

The 2 update of the main control board, using UNO controller to a new, more stable performance.

Fixed 3 motor, optimized the clip fixed mode, better stability.

4 car chassis installation provides installation diagram.

Remote control of intelligent vehicle characteristics of ultrasonic ranging:

1 modular hardware processing, easy to understand and learn,

2 using ARDUINO programming, the program easy to understand, not very professional knowledge can understand the original code, can also modify the smart car, made of different function.

3 the UNO controller is a new generation of the main controller, one can realize remote control, obstacle avoidance, distance measurement, display, and driving motor and steering function.

4 strong expandability, intelligent vehicle platform is very simple things, but we can through the external sensor, or function module, put it into different smart car. For example, fire rescue robot, intelligent vehicle, WIFI wireless robot, and so on … … … … … … … …....


1 motor parameters: voltage range: 1.5-12V, motor shaft length: 10mm, speed 6.0V 100rpm/min.

2 motor control using L298N drive module, real isolation and MCU.

The 3 part of the HC-SR04 ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, stable performance, accurate measurement of distance.

4 display 1602 I2C part adopts module, only use 2 IO port.

5 control function by infrared remote control mode, the NEC protocol.

6 can access the external 7~12V voltage. And can carry a variety of sensor module, according to your imagination to achieve various functions.