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Product Name: Ultrasonic ranging car smart car kit Based on the Arduino ultrasound 3 generation of smart car

New ultrasonic ranging intelligent remote control car, it is upgraded 2 generation of ultrasonic smart car, major upgrade places are:

1. Change the car chassis, reserve the function of speed

2. Update the master board, use a new generation of UNO controller, more stable performance.

3. The motor is fixed, optimized the clamping piece fixed way, stronger stability.

4. The installation of the car chassis provides installation drawing.

1, the Arduino UNO one red plate   1

2, I2C LCD1602 LCD                  1

3, blue 9 g steering gear           1

4, cradle head  1

5, the ultrasonic ranging module     1

6, infrared remote control receiving head   1

7, 1 mini infrared remote control       1

8, motor driver module       1

9, deceleration motor     2

10, 18650 cells           1

11, 18650 battery pack        1

12, root USB cable          1

13, dupont line              30

14, 3 x40mm copper column      3

15, 3 x10mm copper column      16  

16, universal wheel            1      

17, 3 * 6 mm screw           36

18, 3 mm nut               10

19, 3 * 10 screw             6

20, motor stator               4

21, motor fixed screw             4

22, two wheels

The characteristics of the ultrasonic ranging intelligent remote control car:

1. The modular hardware handling, easy to understand and learn,

2. The ARDUINO programming method, the program is easy to understand, it doesn't have to be a professional knowledge you can read the original code, can also by modifying, make different functions of the smart car.

3. The use of a new generation of UNO do master controller, can realize remote control, obstacle avoidance, distance measurement, display, plus the drive motor and the function of the steering gear.

4. Develop strong sex, intelligent vehicle platform is a very simple thing, but we can through external sensing, or functional modules, turn it into different intelligent car. Such as fire-fighting robot, search and rescue smart car, WIFI robot, etc...


1. The motor parameters: voltage range: 1.5-12 V, the motor shaft length: 10 mm, of 6.0 V 100 RPM/min.

2. The control motor selection L298N drive module, and single chip microcomputer real isolation.

3. The obstacle avoidance of the HC - SR04 ultrasound, stable performance, precise measure distance.

4. The display part adopts 1602 I2C module, simply use two IO mouth.

5. The function of remote control adopts the infrared remote control method, the NEC protocol.

6. Can access external 7 ~ 12 v voltage. And can carry many sensor module, according to your imagination to realize various functions.