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Product Name: Wireless modules NRF24L01+2.4G wireless communication module

Commodity price is a price, generally 2to use, are the transceiver, but one can only transmit or receive, can also use!
One, product characteristics
(1)2.4Ghz global open ISM frequency license for free use
(2) maximum work rate2Mbps GFSK modulation, high efficiency, strong anti-interference ability, especially suitable for industrial control occasions
(3) channel 125, meet the multi point communication and frequency hopping communication needs
(4) built-in hardware CRC error and point to multipoint communication address control
(5) low power1.9 ~ 3.6V, Power down mode state is only 1uA
(6) the built-in2.4Ghz antenna, small volume of about 24X24mm
( not including antenna )
(7) module software design address, only received the machine address only when the output data ( with interrupt instructions), can be directly connected with various use of SCM, software programming is very convenient
(8) built specifically voltage-stabilizing circuit, using various power supply includes DC/DC switching power supply to have the very good communication effect
(9) the standard distance of DIP interface, for embedded applications
(10) RFModule-Quick-DEV rapid development system, including development board
Source code and other details, out-of-the-box, quick you shorten development time
Two, performance parameter
(1) open ground without interference distance of 100 meters!!!
(2) size:34mm X17mm X1mm
(3) can transmit audio, video

Commodity price is a price, generally 2to use, are the transceiver, but one can only transmit or receive, can also use!
One, product characteristics
(1)2.4Ghz global open ISM frequency license for free use
(2) maximum work rate2Mbps GFSK modulation, high efficiency, strong anti-interference ability, especially suitable for industrial control occasions
(3) channel 125, meet the multi point communication and frequency hopping communication needs
(4) built-in hardware CRC error and point to multipoint communication address control
(5) low power1.9 ~ 3.6V, Power down mode state is only 1uA
(6) the built-in2.4Ghz antenna, small volume of about 24X24mm
( not including antenna )
(7) module software design address, only received the machine address only when the output data ( with interrupt instructions), can be directly connected with various use of SCM, software programming is very convenient
(8) built specifically voltage-stabilizing circuit, using various power supply includes DC/DC switching power supply to have the very good communication effect
(9) the standard distance of DIP interface, for embedded applications
(10) RFModule-Quick-DEV rapid development system, including development board
Source code and other details, out-of-the-box, quick you shorten development time
Two, performance parameter
(1) open ground without interference distance of 100 meters!!!
(2) size:34mm X17mm X1mm
(3) can transmit audio, video