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Product Name: ISD1700 voice recording system class module / ISD1760 module (with chip)

A. the module description 
1 Size: 5.2CM * 5.5CM; 
2 Power: 5V; 
3Recording time: 6K 75 seconds, 8K 60 sec; 
4 chip operating frequency 6KHZ and 8KHZ optional; 
5 with power indicator light, the chip indicator lights; 
6 simple, does not require a microcontroller or other modules will be able to work directly; 
7 pin chip control has led to facilitate the control connection

ISD1700moduleswork independentlyinstructions(KEYS)
Press and hold theRECkey whileLEDlights up, this timefacing theMICspeak,speakcontent will berecordedinto theISD1700voice chipinit.
After recordingsomeliftthis key, LEDwill alsoturn off,pressagain tostart recordingthe second paragraph,the subsequentparagraphs wereoperating.
There are two ways,edge-triggeredand level-triggered.(Note:Afterrecordingplaybackpointerwill stay inthe starting addressof the lastsegmentof thefinished recording,playbackat this timeisto putthe last paragraph)
(1) Edge: Clickthe PLAY buttonthatputthe current segment, LEDflashesduringplaybackuntil theplaybackendsoff.Playbackafterplaybackpointer tothe end ofthe start addressof the segmentjustputin, click thePLAYbutton willputjust finishedputthisagain.
(2)LevelTrigger:the chipwilloftenpress thePLAY buttonallPlayallvoice messages,andthiscycleuntil you releasethe button.

3.Fast forwardFWD:
Before performingplayback operation, clickthis buttonplaybackpointerwill point tothe next section, double-clickthestartingpoint tothe second paragraphafterparagraph.Click thisbuttonduringplaybackto stopplaybackof the current segmentand thenplay the nextparagraph,ifthe last paragraphiscurrently playing, stopplayingthe last paragraph ofplayin the first paragraph.
Singlesegmenterase operationcan only beeffectiveon thefirst and last paragraphs,whenthe playbackpointer isthe first orthe last paragraph, thekeypointhereisto erasethe first orthe last paragraph.Playbackcursorwill jump tothe correspondingsecondorpenultimate paragraphbeforeerasing.Normallythis keymore than 3 secondschipsinto the "Eraseallmodes of operation," whileLEDlights flashtwice,continuepressingthis button, LEDblinksoff after7under, thenrelease the button, voice messaginginside the chip isAllerased.

Click thisbutton toresetthe chipto performthe operation.After reset,play and recordpointerspoint to the lastparagraph, whichthe playbackpointer tothe last paragraph ofthe start, recordinga pointer tothe last paragraphofthe last.Run theplaybackis playedin the last paragraph,the last paragraphand thenexecuteitto startrecordinga newrecordlast paragraph.
Click thisbutton toadjust the size ofthe chipoutputsound.The defaultis the maximumsoundoutput ofthe chip, according toeverytap,soundattenuationby4db.Untilthe smallestsound, continue toclick thisbutton,presseachclick,the soundincreases4db (Note: Afterthe reset, the soundoutputis the maximum).
7.FTpassthrough operations:
TheFTpinandGNDshorted,willcontinue toremain lowstartpassthrough mode.Passthrough operationswillhave direct accessvoiceoutputfrom thespeaker orAUDAnalnend.Duringrecording,if you press theFT,will alsorecordincoming voicesignalAnaln.