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Product Name: Ultrasonic Ranging car / smart car kit / ultrasound-based third-generation smart car for Arduino

The third generation of ultrasonic ranging Smart Car 

The new remote control ultrasonic ranging smart car, smart car is a two-generation ultrasound upgraded version, where there is a major upgrade: 

1 changed the car chassis, aside speed function 

2 updates the main control panel, using a new generation of UNO controller, more stable performance. 

3 motor fixed, the optimization of the clip fixing, greater stability. 

4 car chassis installation provides installation diagram.

Remote Ultrasonic Ranging smart car features:

1 modular hardware approach, easy to understand and learn.

2 using ARDUINO programming practices, procedures easy to understand , not very professional knowledge can read the original code , it can be modified to make the different functions of the smart car.

3 new generation of UNO controllers do master, one can achieve remote control, obstacle avoidance, distance measurement , display, plus a drive motor and steering functions.

4 . Development of strong, smart car platform is a very simple thing , but we can through an external sensor , or functional modules , turning it into a different smart car , such as fire-fighting robots, rescue smart car , WIFI wireless robots, and so on. ..............................

RemoteUltrasonic RangingSmart CarList :

1, red  Arduino UNOboard *1

2, I2C LCD1602LCD display*1

3,Blue9gservo* 1

4,PTZ* 1

5, ultrasonicranging module*1

6, infraredremote control receiver*1

7, miniinfrared remote control* 1

8,amotor drive module*

9, thegear motor*2

10,18650battery *2(battery can notbe transported, the packagedoes not includebattery)

11,18650battery box*1

12, USBdata cable*1

13,DuPontlines* 30

14,3 x40mmpillars* 3

15,3 x10mmstuds* 16

16, caster* 1

17,3 * 6MMscrew* 36

18,3 MMNut *10

19,3 * 10MMScrew* 6

20,motorfixing plate* 4

21, the motorscrews* 4

22, wheels*2


1 motor parameters : voltage range :1.5-12V, the motor shaft length : 10mm, speed 6.0V 100rpm/min.

2 control motor selection L298N driver module, microcontroller real isolation .

3 avoidance part is HC-SR04 ultrasonic , stable performance , measure the distance accurately .

4 display section 1602 I2C modules used , only use two IO ports .

5 remote control uses infrared remote control mode , NEC protocol.

6 can access the external voltage 7 ~ 12V . And can be equipped with a variety of sensor modules to achieve a variety of functions , depending on your imagination.