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Product Name: Vehicle intelligent obstacle avoidance sensor dist

1.induction into the object output0output, not sensed by1, can be directly related to 3V and 5V chip IO port
2. induction distance of 2to 40 cm, distance, anti-interference ability is good. ( Note: infrared sensor is not detected in all the objects can be the same as the distance of the objects with different colors, the reflection of light of different objects, the deeper the color closer to black detection distance is shorter, the sensor is2 to40 per cent
Rice is the white wall measurement. )
3.speed, suitable for vehicle intelligent obstacle avoidance, black and white line tracking, fall protection, product counter, line cutting, liquid level detection. this sensor to produce black-and-white line tracing car without in the white line on the run, in the cement, Wong complex environment of black guard trace. As long as the black line around the color slightly shallow than black can be, the elimination of the traditional way, make the layout of the environment more simple
5.sensor3 to6V power supply, range wide, suitable for 3V and 5V single chip microcomputer system.
6.with enable end, EN is equal to"1" when the sensor does not work, is equal to "0" when the work. Sensor cap plug EN end jump after long-term ground ( EN term for"0" ). To use the EN end cap please jump off.
7 .frequency adjust potentiometer is used to adjust the infrared emission tube carrier frequency, because the integrated receiver in specific38KHZ carrier frequency when it is the most sensitive. The502 resistor clockwise to do ( is also launching tube at maximum brightness ), and then at the white wall103resistance, have been transferred to the induction distance is the most so far, such that the sensor can work in optimum state.

1.induction into the object output0output, not sensed by1, can be directly related to 3V and 5V chip IO port
2. induction distance of 2to 40 cm, distance, anti-interference ability is good. ( Note: infrared sensor is not detected in all the objects can be the same as the distance of the objects with different colors, the reflection of light of different objects, the deeper the color closer to black detection distance is shorter, the sensor is2 to40 per cent
Rice is the white wall measurement. )
3.speed, suitable for vehicle intelligent obstacle avoidance, black and white line tracking, fall protection, product counter, line cutting, liquid level detection. this sensor to produce black-and-white line tracing car without in the white line on the run, in the cement, Wong complex environment of black guard trace. As long as the black line around the color slightly shallow than black can be, the elimination of the traditional way, make the layout of the environment more simple
5.sensor3 to6V power supply, range wide, suitable for 3V and 5V single chip microcomputer system.
6.with enable end, EN is equal to"1" when the sensor does not work, is equal to "0" when the work. Sensor cap plug EN end jump after long-term ground ( EN term for"0" ). To use the EN end cap please jump off.
7 .frequency adjust potentiometer is used to adjust the infrared emission tube carrier frequency, because the integrated receiver in specific38KHZ carrier frequency when it is the most sensitive. The502 resistor clockwise to do ( is also launching tube at maximum brightness ), and then at the white wall103resistance, have been transferred to the induction distance is the most so far, such that the sensor can work in optimum state.