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Product Name: 360 degree continuous rotation servo vehicle intel

As long as the input signal end of a50HZ square wave signals, and then the cycle of the control signal of high level pulse duration can control the speed and reverse and stop. A high pulse duration corresponding to a speed. The high level of 1 ms ~1.5 MS, the steering gear is rotating (1 ms when the forward rate is the rapiddest, closer to1.5 ms slower,1.5 ms when the steering stop ), a high level of 1.5 ms ~2 MS rudder reversal (1.5 ms when the steering gear stops rotating, the more close to 2 MS inversion faster,2 ms to the fastest speed inversion ).
The steering gear of a regulating potentiometer ( open shell pry the circuit board can be seen ), debugging can be a time when high level pulse is set at 1.5 ms, observe the steering gear is to stop, if not stop on regulating potentiometer, have to stop now, so that on completion of the zero.
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As long as the input signal end of a50HZ square wave signals, and then the cycle of the control signal of high level pulse duration can control the speed and reverse and stop. A high pulse duration corresponding to a speed. The high level of 1 ms ~1.5 MS, the steering gear is rotating (1 ms when the forward rate is the rapiddest, closer to1.5 ms slower,1.5 ms when the steering stop ), a high level of 1.5 ms ~2 MS rudder reversal (1.5 ms when the steering gear stops rotating, the more close to 2 MS inversion faster,2 ms to the fastest speed inversion ).
The steering gear of a regulating potentiometer ( open shell pry the circuit board can be seen ), debugging can be a time when high level pulse is set at 1.5 ms, observe the steering gear is to stop, if not stop on regulating potentiometer, have to stop now, so that on completion of the zero.