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Product Name: Capacitive digital touch sensor

Touch key detection IC, providing a touch key. Touch detection IC is designed to replace traditional  with variable area button and design. Low power consumption and wide operating voltage DC and AC touch key characteristic.
Operating voltage 2.0V ~ 5.5V
After power needs settling time of about 0.5sec, and this time period do not touch on the keys, In this case all functions are disabled.
Always self-calibration .
When the key is not touched, re-calibration period is approximately 4.0sec
A wide range of consumer products
Waterproof electrical
Button key alternatives available
Board with blue LED
Board size: 15.5 X 23.5 mm
1 foot for Power + VCC
 2 feet for output OUT
 3 feet for power - GND
 The output OUT can directly control our shop relay module ,can also be entered directly ARDUINO microcontroller development IO .buy a viagra online viagra for sale uk where to buy viagra
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Touch key detection IC, providing a touch key. Touch detection IC is designed to replace traditional  with variable area button and design. Low power consumption and wide operating voltage DC and AC touch key characteristic.

Operating voltage 2.0V ~ 5.5V
After power needs settling time of about 0.5sec, and this time period do not touch on the keys, In this case all functions are disabled.
Always self-calibration .
When the key is not touched, re-calibration period is approximately 4.0sec

A wide range of consumer products
Waterproof electrical
Button key alternatives available

Board with blue LED

Board size: 15.5 X 23.5 mm

1 foot for Power + VCC

2 feet for output OUT

3 feet for power - GND

The output OUT can directly control our shop relay module ,can also be entered directly ARDUINO microcontroller development IO .