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Product Name: IC keychain. Proximity card

Applications: prepaid water meter, campus card, bus card, highway fees, parking, district management.
IC Key Card Frequency: 13.56MHZ
IC Key Card Specifications: 28 * 35.3 * 4MM
IC Key Card Description:

1, ABS shell and filled with epoxy resin encapsulated chip coil, through a combination of ultrasonic welding Keychain ID cards have a variety of shapes,
2, screen exquisite patterns, water code can: Coding, sculpture code; waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration; adapt to temperature -10 ~ +50
Applications: prepaid water meter, campus card, bus card, highway fees, parking, district management.

ICKey CardFrequency: 13.56MHZ
ICKeyCard Specifications: 28 * 35.3 * 4MM
ICKeyCard Description:

1,ABS shelland filled withepoxy resinencapsulated chip coil,througha combinationofultrasonic weldingKeychainIDcards havea variety of shapes,
2,screenexquisitepatterns,water codecan:Coding, sculpturecode;waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration;adapt to temperature-10 ~ +50