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Product Name: KEYES Active buzzer module for arduino

Introduction of the buzzer
1 . Buzzer : The buzzer is an integrated electronic structure of Xiangqi , DC power supply, widely used in computers , printers , copiers , alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment , telephones, timers, etc. electronic products for sound devices.
2 . Buzzer Category: mainly divided piezoelectric buzzer and two types of electromagnetic buzzer .
3 . Buzzer circuit graphic symbols : the buzzer in the circuit by the letter "H" or "HA" ( the old standard with "FM", "LB", "JD" , etc. ) representation.

Introduction of the buzzer

1 . Buzzer : The buzzer is an integrated electronic structure of Xiangqi , DC power supply, widely used in computers , printers , copiers , alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment , telephones, timers, etc. electronic products for sound devices.

2 . Buzzer Category: mainly divided piezoelectric buzzer and two types of electromagnetic buzzer .

3 . Buzzer circuit graphic symbols : the buzzer in the circuit by the letter "H" or "HA" ( the old standard with "FM", "LB", "JD" , etc. ) representation.

Schematic buzzer

Principle structure of buzzer

1 . Piezo Buzzer : Piezo buzzer mainly by multi-harmonic oscillator, piezoelectric buzzer , impedance matching and resonance box , casing and other components. Some of the piezoelectric buzzer shell is also equipped with light-emitting diodes.

Multivibrator constituted by transistors or integrated circuits. When the power is turned on (1.5V-15V DC working voltage ) , multi-harmonic oscillator start-up , 1.5-2.5kHZ output audio signal , the impedance matching is pushing piezoelectric buzzer sound.

Piezoelectric buzzer made from lead zirconate titanate or lead magnesium niobate piezoelectric ceramic material. Both sides of the ceramic plate plated silver electrode by polarization and aging treatment, and then glued together with brass or stainless steel sheet .

2 . Magnetic Buzzer : magnetic buzzer by the oscillator , the electromagnetic coils, magnets, diaphragm and housing and other components.

After power on , the audio signal generated by the oscillator current through the solenoid coil , the electromagnetic coil generates a magnetic field . In the diaphragm and the magnet interaction between the electromagnetic coil periodically vibrating sound.