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Product Name: Human body infrared pyroelectric infrared sensor f

Pyroelectric infrared sensor is capable of detecting human or animal infrared emission and output signals of the sensor. In early 1938, people put forward using pyroelectric infrared radiation, but did not get attention, until the sixty's, with the development of laser, infrared technology is developing rapidly, it also promoted the study on the pyroelectric effect and application of pyroelectric crystal. Pyroelectric crystal has been widely used in infrared spectrometer, infrared remote sensing and thermal radiation detector, it can be used as an infrared laser of an ideal detector. It is widely applied to various automatic control device. Besides the well known in our corridor automatic switch, anti-theft alarm has been applied in more and more fields, application prospects. For example: no one in the room will automatically shut down the air conditioner, water dispenser. Television can judge unmanned watch or the viewer has to sleep after the automatic shutdown mechanism. Turn on the monitor or the application of automatic door. Combined with the camera or digital camera automatically record the animal or human activities ... .... You can according to their own ideas, combined with the other circuit developed new products more outstanding. Or automation control device.

Pyroelectric infrared sensor is capable of detecting human or animal infrared emission and output signals of the sensor. In early 1938, people put forward using pyroelectric infrared radiation, but did not get attention, until the sixty's, with the development of laser, infrared technology is developing rapidly, it also promoted the study on the pyroelectric effect andapplication of pyroelectric crystal. Pyroelectric crystal has been widely used in infrared spectrometer, infrared remote sensing and thermal radiation detector, it can be used as an infrared laser of an ideal detector. It is widely applied to various automatic control device. Besides the well known in our corridor automatic switch, anti-theft alarm has been applied in more and more fields, application prospects. For example: no one in the room will automatically shut down the air conditioner, water dispenser. Television can judge unmanned watch or the viewer has to sleep after the automatic shutdown mechanism. Turn on the monitor or the application of automatic door. Combined with the camera or digital cameraautomatically record the animal or human activities ... .... You can according to their own ideas, combined with the other circuit developed new products more outstanding. Orautomation control device.