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Product Name: Maximum efficiency of 98% over LM2596 DC-DC adjust

Output Voltage Range: 0.93V-18V (buck mode, enter at least greater than the output 2V above)

Output Current: 2.5A Output Peak 4A continuous output!

Switch: with Soft-off feature! Shutdown current low microampere level!

Size: 45mm * 32mm * 1.6mm

Item: YS-TB

Technical Description:

Using synchronous rectification technology! High efficiency up to 98%!

Measured efficiency: 12V switch 5V:

12V switch 5V Efficiency = (5V * 1.001A) / (12V * 0.431) = 96.7%

Output Voltage Range: 0.93V-18V (buckmode,enter at leastgreater than the output2Vabove)

Output Current:2.5AOutputPeak4Acontinuousoutput!

Switch:withSoft-off feature!Shutdowncurrentlowmicroamperelevel!

Size: 45mm * 32mm * 1.6mm

Item: YS-TB

Technical Description:

Using synchronousrectification technology!Highefficiency up to98%!

Measuredefficiency: 12Vswitch5V:

12Vswitch 5VEfficiency= (5V * 1.001A) / (12V * 0.431) = 96.7%