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Product Name: Bread board dedicated power supply module

Bread board dedicated power supply module, a compatible 5V,3.3V
Applicable to MB102bread plate plates
Input voltage:6.5-12V ( DC ) or USB power supply
Output voltage:3.3V,5V switching
Maximum output current: <700ma
Upper and lower two two independent control, can be switched to 0V,3.3V,5V
On board two groups of 3.3V,5V DC output pin, convenient external extraction using
12 yuan / month
This is a power module, without bread board, bread board sold separately!

Bread board dedicated power supply module, a compatible 5V,3.3V
Applicable to MB102bread plate plates
Input voltage:6.5-12V ( DC ) or USB power supply
Output voltage:3.3V,5V switching
Maximum output current: <700ma
Upper and lower two two independent control, can be switched to 0V,3.3V,5V
On board two groups of 3.3V,5V DC output pin, convenient external extraction using
12 yuan / month
This is a power module, without bread board, bread board sold separately!