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Product Name: Ultra-small DC-DC module adjustable voltage module

   1, the input voltage 3-30V, output can be adjusted between 1.21V-18V (adjustable range for increasing the need for greater adjustable resistor), currently in an equal volume of DC-DC circuit, few can achieve such a high voltage.
      2, the maximum output current of 3A, 2A current recommended to use the following, leaving a certain margin. Without fins and airy case, power up to 20W or so, up to 93% efficiency.
      3, as is the step-down DC-DC circuit, the input voltage needs to be higher than output voltage 1.5V or more, in order to ensure the stability of the output voltage.
      4, with short circuit overheating protection, output short circuit is not afraid even if the circuit will automatically protect! Empty load, the static power consumption is only about 6mA.
      5, ultra-small size: 37x37x14mm.

1, the input voltage3-30V,output canbe adjustedbetween1.21V-18V(adjustable rangeforincreasingthe need for greateradjustable resistor), currently inan equal volume ofDC-DCcircuit,few canachieve such a highvoltage.
2, the maximum outputcurrent of3A,2A currentrecommended to usethe following, leavinga certain margin.Withoutfinsand airycase,power up to20Wor so,up to93%efficiency.
3, as is thestep-downDC-DCcircuit, the inputvoltage needs to behigher than output voltage1.5Vor more,in order to ensurethe stability ofthe output voltage.
4,with short circuitoverheatingprotection,outputshort circuitis not afraideven ifthe circuit willautomatically protect!Emptyload, the staticpower consumption is onlyabout6mA.
5,ultra-small size: 37x37x14mm.

Circuit modulefeatures:
PCB boardwith high-qualitydouble-sidedglass epoxyboard,selected high-qualitysurface mountcomponentsensure that the circuitis moresafe and secure work.Usingfully shieldedpower inductorcore inductor,inductorhigh currentto preventotherproblemswhistle;entire boardsingle point groundingto ensurelow ripple,the outputis more stable;boardbacklarge copperthroughthermalviasto connectchip cooling, 2Athe followingwork long hourswithout additionalheat sink;Note: Ina largecurrent operatingstate, ifthe boardfeelsveryhot, andit shouldimmediatelyinstallthe heat sinkoff,so as to avoidhigh temperaturecircuitburned.