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Product Name: VS1003 MP3 module onboard microphone

1, VS1003 supports audio decoding formats: MP3, MP3 + V, WMA, WAV, MIDI, SP-MIDI
2, the separate analog, digital and IO power supply; serial data and control interface (SPI)
3,1 headphones and audio output interface, with internal PLL clock frequency multiplier; quality stereo digital to analog converter (DAC); 16 bits Scalable on-chip analog to digital converter (ADC); quality stereo ear driver (30 euro)
4,1 a microphone for recording, support audio encoding format: IMA ADPCM (monaural)
5,1 months line_in input interface, supports two input modes; supports MP3 and WAV streams
6 separate analog, digital, and IO power supply, with power indicator light
7, onboard 3.3V and 2.5V LDO chip AMS-1117, the largest provider of 800mA current
8, single power supply: +5 VDC, capacitor filter
9,12.288 Mhz crystal

1, VS1003 supports audio decoding formats: MP3, MP3 + V, WMA, WAV, MIDI, SP-MIDI

2, the separate analog, digital and IO power supply; serial data and control interface (SPI)

3,1 headphones and audio output interface, with internal PLL clock frequency multiplier; quality stereo digital to analog converter (DAC); 16 bits Scalable on-chip analog to digital converter (ADC); quality stereo ear driver (30 euro)

4,1 a microphone for recording, support audio encoding format: IMA ADPCM (monaural)

5,1 months line_in input interface, supports two input modes; supports MP3 and WAV streams

6 separate analog, digital, and IO power supply, with power indicator light

7, onboard 3.3V and 2.5V LDO chip AMS-1117, the largest provider of 800mA current

8, single power supply: +5 VDC, capacitor filter

9,12.288 Mhz crystal