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Product Name: ISD1820 voice board voice module sound recording m

1, onboard chip ISD1820
2, onboard microphone, you can record directly
3, can be about 10 seconds voice recording
4, high-quality natural voice restored, the module can be used as Megaphone
5, with looping, jog playback, single-pass play function
6, the chip's pin is already the main leads, the MCU can control the operation
7, the working voltage: 3 ~ 5V
8, board size 54 (mm) x38 (mm)

1, onboard chip ISD1820

2, onboard microphone, you can record directly

3, can be about 10 seconds voice recording

4, high-quality natural voice restored, the module can be used as Megaphone

5, with looping, jog playback, single-pass play function

6, the chip's pin is already the main leads, the MCU can control the operation

7, the working voltage: 3 ~ 5V

8, board size 54 (mm) x38 (mm)