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Product Name: LCD1602 LCD monitor 1602 5V blue screen and white

Liquid crystal display, referred to as LCD. It is current stimulation liquid crystal molecules have a point, line, surface and with the back lamp tube screen. We will usually direct various liquid crystal display lcd. The1602 LCD, display 16 characters per line, a total of2lines, parallel interface, new product. Its small size, low power consumption, display has the advantages of simple operation, not only the wheeled robot essential products, or Arduino interactive interface is the most direct equipment.

Liquid crystal display, referred to as LCD. It is current stimulation liquid crystal molecules have a point, line, surface and with the back lamp tube screen. We will usually direct various liquid crystal display lcd. The1602 LCD, display 16 characters per line, a total of2lines, parallel interface, new product. Its small size, low power consumption, display has the advantages of simple operation, not only the wheeled robot essential products, or Arduino interactive interface is the most direct equipment.