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Product Name: Nokia 5110 LCD Module with white backlight RED PCB

1, The LCD's purity and quality is good
2, 4-board LED, light uniformity
3, PCB Size: 45 (mm) x 45 (mm)
4, the corners were positioning holes, along with two rows of the upper and lower connection port, ranked as follows:
VCC - power input (3.3v and 5v available)
GND - Ground
SCE - Chip Select
RST - Reset
D \ C - data / instruction selection
DN - Serial Data Line
CLK - Serial Clock Line
LED - backlit console


1, The LCD's purity and quality is good

2, 4-board LED, light uniformity

3, PCB Size: 45 (mm) x 45 (mm)

4, the corners were positioning holes, along with two rows of the upper and lower connection port, ranked as follows:

VCC - power input (3.3v and 5v available)

GND - Ground

SCE - Chip Select

RST - Reset

D \ C - data / instruction selection

DN - Serial Data Line

CLK - Serial Clock Line

LED - backlit console