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Product Name: New Blue pcb board uln2003 line stepper motor driv

An onboard motor driver chip ULN2003A 

2, the chip has drawn all the pins for easy connection to use 

3, 5-12V power supply pin 

4, 4-way signal lights onboard 

4, onboard XH-5P socket, you can connect directly 28BYJ-48 models of the stepper motor 

5, PCB board size: 40.5 (mm) x21.3 (mm)
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An onboard motor driver chip ULN2003A

2, the chip has drawn all the pins for easy connection to use

3, 5-12V power supply pin

4, 4-way signal lights onboard

4, onboard XH-5P socket, you can connect directly 28BYJ-48 models of the stepper motor

5, PCB board size: 40.5 (mm) x21.3 (mm)