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Product Name: stepper motor driver module + stepper motor for Ar

The UNL2003 driver,
high stepping motor 2 phase 5 wire stepper motor, 
a gear reducer. 
The UNL2003 drive, convenient use, 
high stepping motor, gear reducer, 
low noise, smooth operation, 
5V can drive, convenient chip developers use. 
Open interface, 
can also be used by the board to drive the other stepping motor, 
suitable for various platforms such as 51/AVR/ARM,
 required the development of robot design.

The UNL2003 driver,

high stepping motor 2 phase 5 wire stepper motor,

a gear reducer.

The UNL2003 drive, convenient use,

high stepping motor, gear reducer,

low noise, smooth operation,

5V can drive, convenient chip developers use.

Open interface,

can also be used by the board to drive the other stepping motor,

suitable for various platforms such as 51/AVR/ARM,

required the development of robot design.