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Product Name: Module mq-7 carbon monoxide sensor module gas sens

Product description: 
MQ-7sensor module is sensitive to the environment of carbon monoxide gas. 
Effects of carbon monoxide gas in the module or set the gas concentration does not exceed the threshold, the digital interface DO port output high, basic analog interface A0 voltage is about 0v, when the effects of carbon monoxide gas exceeds a set threshold, the module output low power digital interface D0 flat, analog interface A0 output voltage will slowly increase as the impact of the gas;
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Product Overview:

Gas may be used in homes and factories leakage monitoring device suitable for the detection of CO / carbon monoxide gas;

Adjustable sensitivity (shown in blue digital potentiometer adjustment)

Former use 5V operating voltage, power preheat for at least two minutes or more, a little hot sensor is normal;

Output in the form of a digital analog voltage output b switch output (0 and 1)

With fixed bolt hole for easy installation

Small PCB board size: 4.5cm * 1.8cm

Product description:

MQ-7 sensor module is sensitive to the environment of carbon monoxide gas.

Effects of carbon monoxide gas in the module or set the gas concentration does not exceed the threshold, the digital interface DO port output high, basic analog interface A0 voltage is about 0v, when the effects of carbon monoxide gas exceeds a set threshold, the module output low power digital interface D0 flat, analog interface A0 output voltage will slowly increase as the impact of the gas;

Product Specifications (4-wire):

VCC 5V working voltage

External GND GND

DO small board digital switching outputs (0 and 1)

AO small board analog output interface