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Product Name: MQ-2 smoke gas sensor module liquefied natural gas

Brief description:
One, long size:32mm X wide 22mm X27mm
In two, the main chip: LM393, ZYMQ-2 gas sensor
In three, working voltage:5 V DC
Four, features:
In 1, a signal output indicating.
2, dual signal output (analog output and TTL output )
In 3, TTL output signal is low level. ( when the output low level signal lights, can be directly connected with the single-chip computer )
4, analog output 0~5V voltage, the higher the concentration of the higher voltage.
5, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, city gas has high sensitivity.
6, with a long service life and reliable stability
7, quick response and recovery characteristics
Five, application:
Applicable to the family or factory gas leakage monitoring device, suitable for liquefied gas, butane, propane, methane, hydrogen, alcohol, smoke and other monitoring device.
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Brief description:

One, long size:32mm X wide 22mm X27mm

In two, the main chip: LM393, ZYMQ-2 gas sensor

In three, working voltage:5 V DC

Four, features:

In 1, a signal output indicating.

2, dual signal output (analog output and TTL output )

In 3, TTL output signal is low level. ( when the output low level signal lights, can be directly connected with the single-chip computer )

4, analog output 0~5V voltage, the higher the concentration of the higher voltage.

5, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, city gas has high sensitivity.

6, with a long service life and reliable stability

7, quick response and recovery characteristics

Five, application:

Applicable to the family or factory gas leakage monitoring device, suitable for liquefied gas, butane, propane, methane, hydrogen, alcohol, smoke and other monitoring device.