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Product Name: Photoelectric sensor infrared sensor module

A long dimension: 32mm X 11mm X height 20mm width 
Second, the main chip: LM393, infrared on the radio head 
Third, the working voltage: DC 5 V 
Four characteristics: 
1, having a signal output instruction. 
2, a single-channel signal output. 
3, the output valid signal is low. 
4, the sensitivity is not adjustable. 
5, can be used to count the workpiece, the motor speed. . . . 
6, the circuit board output switch!

A long dimension: 32mm X 11mm X height 20mm width

Second, the main chip: LM393, infrared on the radio head

Third, the working voltage: DC 5 V

Four characteristics:

1, having a signal output instruction.

2, a single-channel signal output.

3, the output valid signal is low.

4, the sensitivity is not adjustable.

5, can be used to count the workpiece, the motor speed. . . .

6, the circuit board output switch!