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Product Name: Digital light intensity illumination sensor module

Original BH1750FVI chip using ROHM
Power supply :3-5v
Illumination range :0-65535 lx
Sensors built 16bitAD converter
Direct digital output, omitting complex calculations, calibration is omitted
Does not distinguish between ambient light
Spectral characteristics close to visual sensitivity
A wide range of brightness can be measured with high precision 1 lux
Standard NXP IIC communication protocol
Module contains an internal communications level converter, connected directly with 5v microcontroller io
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Original BH1750FVI chip using ROHM

Power supply :3-5v

Illumination range :0-65535 lx

Sensors built 16bitAD converter

Direct digital output, omitting complex calculations, calibration is omitted

Does not distinguish between ambient light

Spectral characteristics close to visual sensitivity

A wide range of brightness can be measured with high precision 1 lux

Standard NXP IIC communication protocol

Module contains an internal communications level converter, connected directly with 5v microcontroller io