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Product Name: arduino compatible improved version of funduino un

Funduino UNO is an open source controller, as an upgraded version of the original Arduino Duemilanove. The main improvement is reflected in:
 USB to serial circuit part, Funduino of UNO is a ATMega8U2 microcontroller, compared with the original Duemilanove of the FT232RL SCM Atmega8U2 In addition to traditional USB to serial, but also allows the user programmed to define other functions, for example, can USB port configured as a mouse, keyboard, joysticks, cameras, etc. of course, these applications have yet to be Arduino team to disclose the specific implementation of the program.

Funduino UNO is an open sourcecontroller,asan upgraded versionoftheoriginalArduino Duemilanove.Themainimprovementis reflected in:
USB to serialcircuitpart,Funduinoof UNOisaATMega8U2microcontroller, compared withthe originalDuemilanoveofthe FT232RLSCMAtmega8U2In addition totraditionalUSB to serial, but alsoallowsthe userprogrammedtodefineother functions, for example,canUSB portconfigured as amouse, keyboard,joysticks,cameras,etc.ofcourse,these applicationshave yet to beArduinoteamtodisclose the specificimplementation of the program.