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Product Name: funduino duemilanove 2009 development board compat

1.LED more ergonomic
We UNO32 based on the most advanced solution for these four LED are moved to the front of the board , to facilitate the observation of the experiment .
2 more convenient analog input ( a )
We will all analog inputs a0-a5 gave the Vcc Gnd, so I can plug in immediately ( but be careful _ its negative polarity . Positive . Signals )
3 more convenient PWM output
We provide you with six groups of PWM ( or I / O) ( but be careful polarity _ its signal. Positive . Negative ) terminal pin . Taking into account the stability, so we pay more for you at the cost of the two regulators capacitor , so that will be more stable ( can also be coupled with expert larger capacitance )
4 Increase the power and ground pins
We do not affect any function under the premise , to pay more supply pin ( if you do not use , you can add a short circuit sets, touching the top of the expansion board to prevent short-circuiting )

1.LED more ergonomic

We UNO32 based on the most advanced solution for these four LED are moved to the front of the board , to facilitate the observation of the experiment .

2 more convenient analog input ( a )

We will all analog inputs a0-a5 gave the Vcc Gnd, so I can plug in immediately ( but be careful _ its negative polarity . Positive . Signals )

3 more convenient PWM output

We provide you with six groups of PWM ( or I / O) ( but be careful polarity _ its signal. Positive . Negative ) terminal pin . Taking into account the stability, so we pay more for you at the cost of the two regulators capacitor , so that will be more stable ( can also be coupled with expert larger capacitance )

4 Increase the power and ground pins

We do not affect any function under the premise , to pay more supply pin ( if you do not use , you can add a short circuit sets, touching the top of the expansion board to prevent short-circuiting )

5 . Increase the width of the copper platinum , increase stability

Experienced customers and experts eyed , you'll notice that we have this alignment as the Arduino some wide. Coarse alignment , when you use an instant fast output changes , the waveform is still a lot of beautiful. Its structure will come a lot of security , because we have found that some manufacturers dropped after copper platinum Arduino easy to break , so it hard to do this improvement .

6 supercharged 3.3v maximum current

Arduino using FT232RL 3.3V output power , maximum output current is only about 50mA, encounter large current needs 3.3 modules will supply shortage . So we use ASM1117-33 Output 3.3V power supply, current 1000mA back your SD card 3G_Sensor Zbee wii pick chicken , etc. 3.3V device , as long as you can move your fingers all the I / O pins have become smarter 3.3V the players will know , so to save a 4050 IC and divider resistors , but also save wiring time .

7 can be expanded to increase space

We reserved two central holes of the board may, in accordance to your needs plus a large capacitor ( capacity does not mean bulky ) or 2.54/2PIN terminal , reserved for your unlimited imagination .

8 . Increase the quality control

Our board have strengthened quality control , each board will have someone responsible for detecting ? ⑶ ┟  brown Greece ? For factory serial number are also recorded , in order to better ensure that your rights.


This control panel based on Atmega328, has 14 digital input and output pin, 6 analog inputs, 16Mhz crystal, USB link, power outlet and ICSP connector. It contains all the elements necessary for microprocessors, simply insert the computer using a USB cable to get started.

A microcontroller core:. AVRmega328P-PU (processing speed of up to 20MIPS)

2 Operating voltage:. +5 V

3 External Input voltage:. +7 V ~ +12 V (recommended)

4 external input voltage (extreme):. +6 V ≤ Vin ≤ +20 V

5 digital signal I / O interfaces: 14 (of which 6 PWM outputs)

6 analog inputs: 6

7.DC I / O Interface Current: 40 mA

7.Flash Capacity: 32 KB (other 2K for bootloader)

8.SRAM static storage capacity: 1KB

9.EEPROM Storage capacity: 512 bytes

10 clock frequency:. 16MHz