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Product Name: Compatible improved version-funduino compatible ar

Funduino Duemilanove 2009 unique is equipped with automatic recovery fuse,
If a short circuit, open circuit will immediately. After reduction to normal work
This product is the use of the ATmega328p-pu, chip has been with bootloader, without
 Then separately download line to burn bootloader
Special period, also sent a high-quality USB line
This product contains:
1 Funduino Duemilanove development board piece
2 USB line
Funduino Duemilanove 2009 unique is equipped with automatic recovery fuse,
If a short circuit, open circuit will immediately. After reduction to normal work
This product is the use of the ATmega328p-pu, chip has been with bootloader, without
Then separately download line to burn bootloader
Special period, also sent a high-quality USB line
This product contains:
1 Funduino Duemilanove development board piece
2 USB line

Arduino Duemilanove 2009 Specifications:

A microcontroller core:. AVRmega328P-PU (processing speed of up to 20MIPS)

2 Operating voltage:. +5 V

3 External Input voltage:. +7 V ~ +12 V (recommended)

4 external input voltage (extreme):. +6 V ≤ Vin ≤ +20 V

5 digital signal I / O interfaces: 14 (of which 6 PWM outputs)

6 analog inputs: 6

7.DC I / O Interface Current: 40 mA

7.Flash Capacity: 16 KB (other 2K for bootloader)

8.SRAM static storage capacity: 1KB

9.EEPROM Storage capacity: 512 bytes

10 clock frequency:. 16MHz